Are you an insanely good at what you do, but feel like an awkward greasy car salesman when it comes to selling your services?

Have you wondered how seemingly everyyyone else in entrepreneur life has this whole 5-figure months thing down... meanwhile you're barely keeping up with your monthly expenses? 

Ever had your hopes up high as the Times Square ball on New Year’s Eve after a sales call, only to have your self esteem come plummeting down when your prospective client comes back a few days later with, “I'm sorry, it’s just not the right time/it’s a little too expensive.” 

Or worse, they ghost you and never come back at all?

>> Sister, this has got to stop. <<

You're a boss when it comes to your craft and you know it. But if you want to TRULY impact lives with your work, you must learn how to get comfortable (and skilled) at selling. Not because you're sleazy. Not because you're selfish. 

Because you are a visionary leader who is here to SERVE her people and help them to achieve the results they desire, and selling is the first powerful act of service you give to every client who comes into your life.

If you're ready - SO ready - to start feeling compensated for your gifts
and empowered AF in the process of getting your services into the lives of the people who need them most, then this is for you.

Welcome to
The Sales Queen Bundle
My 6 module self-paced video course designed to teach you exactly how to 
master the art and science of soul-centered, high-ticket sales.

Because serving more people (and making more money) 
comes down to YOU skilling up and learning how to sell. 

The Sales Queen Sales Bundle 
Gives You the Exact Steps You Need To:
Attract Dream Clients & Prequalify Your Leads: Learn my bulletproof system for magnetizing leads, pre-vetting your potential clients, and setting the stage for 90% conversion - YOU are interviewing THEM, and not the other way around.

Master Discovery Calls: No more "free 20 minute calls" turned 60 minute free coaching calls. I give you - for the first time ever - the discovery call method that has earned me 11 consistent 5-figure months, and has helped my clients go from 0-50K in a matter of months!

Handle Objections Like a Boss: What to say when your leads stumble over their objections. I teach you exactly how to show up powerfully in a way that impresses the shit out of them, and leaves you feeling like a boss, not a desperate sleaze ball.
No more wondering what to say on sales calls.

No more feeling like you have to use manipulation, pressure and scarcity to win a sale (news flash, anything that makes you and your prospects feel gross will not work).

Inside The Sales Queen Bundle, I teach you the *exact* steps you need to sell with confidence and power, while staying connected to your core values.

You deserve to reach the people who need you most and feel massively compensated for your gifts. Let me show you my system for doing this on repeat.

Hear how The Sales Queen framework is changing lives:
"When I started working with Cait, I knew my calling was to share my passion for holistic health, but I felt so lost and had no clue how to make it happen. We started refining my WHY, my offerings and my gifts, with purely the intention of sharing them with the world. I had zero idea what I was in for or how to sell, but trusted Cait fully in her work. Within two months of working with Cait, I launched my health coaching business, made $19.5K cash in 3 days selling my VIP offer, and hit my first 30K cash month. 
Today I can happily share that I have a thriving business, more self confidence than ever, focus, clarity and the most abundant life I could ever ask for. Cait is pure magic, and the best investment I ever made. I could not recommend her more!"
- Hanna F
Here's What You Get with the 
Sales Queen Bundle
6 Module Course: 
In 6 crystal clear modules, you'll learn exactly how to pre-frame, execute and overcome objections on your discovery calls so easily you'll wondered why you ever hated sales in the first place. #hello5figuremonths

($1200 Value)

1 Bonus Module: Closing the Sale, Opening the Relationship
Inside this exclusive bonus module, I share with you why there is NOT just one way to close a sale, provide 3 closing options that are tried and tested to generate results, and teach you how to choose the method that works best for you.

($200 Value)

7 PDF Workbooks: 
These workbooks give you the bones & building blocks you need to execute every phase of the sales process feeling structured, clear and confident.

($350 VALUE)
Sales Queen Resource Library:
4 extra special bonuses including a sample pre-vetting questionnaire, a post-closing email template, preparation checklist, plus a hot lead generator checklist.

($500 value)

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