The 60-Minute Sales Process Strategy Call with Cait Scudder
It also comes with 3 days email follow up support so no stone is left unturned and no problem is left unslayed. Normally, if you want to work with me privately, you need to book in a full VIP day, so if you’ve been wanting some 1-1 attention, I would snatch up this powerful call right quick. 

Jess Moore


Megan Lambert

Masculine & Feminine Desire Coach
In less than three months since I started working with Cait, I doubled my coaching revenue every month since starting and this month I made more money than I ever have in my life in my business (and not to mention more money than I've ever made per month in corporate). Update: After working privately with Cait on my business I am now hitting consistent $10K cash months and my private practice is booked out 6 months in advance. Thank you for everything Cait, you are amazing!
Elaina Ray
Self-Mastery Coach & Business Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
Working with Cait was hands down the best investment I've made in my self and my business. In a few short months, I went from not having a business to booking out multiple high-ticket coaching packages, bringing in my first 5 figures, and setting myself up to scale to six figures. Cait helped me build and optimize every area of my business. She brings it all: soul, sales, strategy, sustainability, and SO much more. In working with Cait I've gained unshakable confidence, clarity, and plenty of cash. If you're ready to up-level in a MASSIVE way Cait is the coach that will make it happen.
Hannah Koenig
Absolutely recommended! 10 million percent! If I could say one thing about Cait, it's that she cares. She cares about you specifically, about your business, about your growth, and about what is best for YOU! And you don't get that level of support and investment from many coaches! She gives you everything and she is genuine! I truly feel like she is a life long friend, but also the kind of friend that is crazy smart with business and always steers you in the right direct. Which is, of course, the best kind of friend and mentor to have!
Amanda Kolbye
Business and Marketing Coach
I loved working with Cait! I had one 1:1 session with Cait as part of a group program and I knew right away I would go above and beyond with her coaching me privately. Before working with Cait 1-1, I was earning less than $1000/month in my online business. I couldn’t see how my strengths could be made into a business. She helped me design my offers and sign 6 clients in my first month doing something I am so passionate (not to mention GREAT at!) She’s helped me 4x my monthly income in a matter of two months, and it’s only growing from here. This woman will take you where you’re going faster. Thank you so much, Cait, for believing in me and pushing me. You are amazing and I can’t wait to work together again!!
Sara Kas
Instagram Guru & Strategist
Hear From Other Womenpreneurs Just Like You
Cait has been absolutely pivotal and transformational in my journey to stepping into my own power​. She’s helped me find the clarity and confidence to own my vision and my journey – when I was unsure of myself to start. Not only is she an incredible business strategist (hiring her has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and absolutely foundational in launching my transformational life coaching business) – she’s given me a foundation of unshakable belief in myself and the big vision I have. ​I’ve landed my first 4-figure clients, started sharing my wisdom as a life coach, and most importantly, believe in and see myself as the leader and visionary I am. ​Cait, you’re a magic maker!
Celeste Rajczi
When I think about where I was a few months ago, lost in my career, depending on the crutches of two part time jobs, to now, where I’m working in my business full time: ​I went from earning in the $2000 per month range to earning over $10,000 /month (now 2-months in a row).​ I have never experienced this before in my life, much less in my own business, and I definitely have Cait’s guidance, experience and coaching to thank for it!
Kim Sneath
*** WARNING: You will only see this offer once ***
*** WARNING: You will only see this offer once ***
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